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Multiple crashes because of poor internet/SIP connections. What can we do?


Most application crashes are caused by poor connection between the Kingdom Hall and your Conference Bridge. You may use this article as a resource on how to configure a 3rd party application to take care of the conferencing systems. However, you also may want to consider a physical phone interface. We are aware of these issues, and are currently in development of a new streaming solution. But in the meantime, if the crashes become too much, this may help.

Please keep in mind, any support outside of this article should be directed to your Conference Bridge service providers. Below you can find info specific to MetroConf or KHConf. But you may apply this to other services as well.

What is needed:
iMac (all-in-one) systemsBehringer U-Control UCA222 USB device.
iMac mini systemsStereo Mini Male to 1/4" Mono Male Cable - 10' 

Follow the diagrams below (based on your system and confernce bridge) to connect this device to your system. Please realize, this is a SAMPLE of how your system MIGHT be connected. Use this as a guide. The following instructions, and screenshots, are for a system that would be configured as below. This article will assist with either the Presonus or Zoom TAC 8.


Example of iMac systems:


Example of iMac-mini systems:


So in order to configure KHAudio correctly, open up Preferences, and goto Outputs. Enable the output that corresponds to the output of the Presonus (or Zoom) that you are using. Don't forget to click the Save button (top right).
Remember, the following screenshot and settings are based on the above diagram and may vary based on your local system.

MetroConf Users

You may use the Broadcasting Using This Tool.
Configure the following screens:

From the main screen click "Settings"
Once you get into settings, we will need to setup both your Audio and Streaming tabs. Please enter the information that is shown in the following screenshots:

Note: The Audio device will be LINE INPUT for the iMac-mini systems using the cable and not the USB device.

Click on the Main tab (1). Then click ADD (2). Fill out the screenshot below, when your done, come back and click the Server information (3). Then Save it for the default (4).
Enter the following information for the MetroConf service. The "Your PIN" is the PIN MetroConf assigned to you. After you configure this screen, click ADD and return to the screen above to save (4) your progress.
Important: Contact MetroConf to get them to setup this service on their side after this configuration. You may contact them at: support@metroconf.com.

To connect you will click the "Play" button located on main panel. You will see the level you are sending to the conference bridge displayed via the VU meters. Also, if you do not want to take up so much space, click the Less button. Stop the broadcast with the Stop button.
To test (ONLY FOR TESTING) you may use the following link:
http://metroconf.com/player1.cgi?/xxxxx (xxxxx is the PIN)

Caller count WILL NOT BE SHOWN in KHAudio. So, use the following link:
http://metroconf.com/kh.cgi?xxxxx (xxxxx is the PIN)

KHConf Users

Suport for this system is located at the following WiKi link:
Password: sound

Download the KHCONF-KH App for Windows and Mac

First screen you get too is this:
Goto Settings (1) first make all of the needed selections here. Then go back to the original screen by clicking "Select Congregation":
Note: The Line Output and Line Input sometimes revert to some other device other than your Behringer (the USB device). You may need to come here and check this frequently if your audio is not being transmitted correctly. Also Important: The Audio device will be LINE INPUT for the iMac-mini systems using the cable and not the USB device.
Let's now add your congregations in your hall to this application. Click the Add button in the first screenshot above (2). And the easiest way of configuring your account is by using the report username and password you have with KHConf:
Once you enter your Username and Password, then click the Login button. After it verifies this information the "Skip" button becomes a "Next" button to verify your account information. Once verified it will take you back to the first screenshot above. Then click the congregation you just configured. Select "Select Congregation". Then your ready to connect the system to the conference bridge.

Again any further support or questions MUST be directed to KHConf directly. Their email address is support@khconf.com.

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